Stainless Steel Casting

5 Benefits of Stainless Steel Casting

Stainless steel casting is one of the most popular metal-forming techniques for producing different types of stainless steel parts, especially for these complex structures. Today, it is used to creat cast stainless steel parts in a variety of industries, from food machinery through to the building, medical and marine sectors.

Overview of Stainless Steel Casting Process

The casting method used to cast stainless steel parts is investment casting. There are a number of different methods available for stainless steel manufacturing, such as sand casting, forging, or machining from plates directly. Among which, investment casting is still considered a preferred option.

There are two main stainless steel investment casting processes in China: water glass casting process and silica sol casting process. The water glass casting process is suitable for low quality stainless steel castings. While for stainless steel castings with high quality requirement, the silica sol casting process is the correct selection, which can offer smooth surface finish and good dimensional accuracy. In CFS Foundry, we focus on silica sol casting business as we focus on high-level markets all over the world.

Benefits of Stainless Steel Casting

5 Benefits of Stainless Steel Casting

Then, why is it often the preferred choice for manufacturers looking for high-precision, accurate high quality stainless steel parts? As the best stainless steel casting manufacturer in China, we well know the advantages of stainless steel casting process, and would like to summarize the benefits in below:

1. Affordable tooling cost: The tooling or the mold used to make stainless steel castings is relatively cheaper than forging tooling, which is really affordable. What’s more, the tooling cost is paid only once, will not be charged again for future orders.

2. Improved quality: Perhaps the biggest advantage is that the mold used to cast stainless steel parts is created with superior aviation aluminum and a high attention to detail which means that the final product is of the utmost quality. Besides, the silica sol for investment casting process can also help to improve the quality of stainless steel castings.

3. Customizable sizes: Stainless steel casting mainly creat parts from buyer’s sample or drawing. So this type of production technology can make parts in customizable sizes and shapes. In other words, there is almost no limiation on the sizes of the desired part.

4. No volume limitation: Typically, stainless steel casting is done one part at a time. This gives customers the option to make stainless steel casting with the expected order quantity, no matter it is small or large volume. Instead of having to purchase more parts than they really need, it saves the stainless steel foundry significantly more time and resources as they do not have to put working into products that the customer has no real need for.

5. Less or no machining: Due to the fact that investment casting process can creat stainless steel castings with closer tolerances than other casting method, it is basically the final product will require less or no secondary machining. This saves money in the long run as it cuts back on the time of the overall manufacturing process.

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