Stainless Steel Casting

Full-Service Stainless Steel Casting Company

Stainless steel casting is an ideal forming process of stainless steel parts that have complex structure, close tolerance requirement and good surface finish. Main steps of stainless steel casting include: mold making according to the 3d model of the design, wax patterns injection and assembly, shell building by dipping wax patterns assembly into ceramic slurry and coating them with a refractory material, dewax under high temperature, pouring molten stainless steel into dewaxed shell and waiting for solidification, knock out the shell and cut each stainless steel casting part from the sprue, shot blasting to remove mill scale and smooth the surface.

When you are searching a reliable supplier to cast your stainless steel parts, a full-service stainless steel casting company is the first potential supplier for your selection, who can supply finished components to you without additional sourcing for other operations, such as machining, surface finish, etc. A full-sevice stainless stainless casting company can not only save your time & money, but also ensure you qualified products.

Full-Service Stainless Steel Casting Company

CFS Stainless Steel Foundry, started its casting business in 1998, has become one of the largest stainless steel investment casting manufacturers in China. With more than 20 years’ efforts, we have become a comprehensive stainless steel casting company that provided full services for our customers.

Redesign Service: When receiving the drawing from our customer for quoting, our engineer will first evaluate if the structure of the part suits our stainless steel investment casting process. The part may have to be redesigned especially when the wall thickness is too thin. After getting agreement with our customer, can we move on production.

In house molding: Mold making is the basic to start the manufacturing of stainless steel castings. CFS has in house molding capability to produce molds for cast stainless steel parts ourselves. We choose superior aviation aluminum as the material of mold, and machining the cavity of mold with high precision CNC machines. All these make the serving life of stainless steel casting molds longer. What’s more, the size accuracy and surface finish of final stainless steel casting will be better.

Stainless Steel Investment Casting: In CFS Foundry, we pour a wide range of stainless steel alloys, including 304(L), 316(L), 17-4 ph, 2205, etc. To improve production effeciency, we are now gradually introducing advanced automatic equipments to replace traditional manual operation. Currently, the wax injection and shell building processes are already automatic. In the near future, we will still try to import some new equipments to improve our stainless steel investment casting process. This effort will effectively make the quality of stainless steel castings more stable, and offer shorter lead time for our customers.

Heat Treatment: Normally, the heat treatment is suggested when the parts will be machined after stainless steel casting. The common heat treatment method adopted for stainless steel casting is solution treatment, which can eliminate the inner stress caused by stainless steel casting and reduce the hardness slightly, which can ease the further machining operation. CFS Foundry can supply heat treatment service when needed.

Secondary Machining: Although the investment casting process can creat stainless steel castings with good surface finish and close tolerance, it does not mean the castings finished are net shape always. Post machining has to be operated when the holes are not be cast out, and when there is a higher surface finish requirement. In our company, we are equipment with different machining equiments to fulfill various machining demands.
And with low labor cost, our machining cost is always more competitive.

Surface Finishing: CFS offers a variety of surface treatments, including shot/sand blasting, electropolishing, mirror polishing, vacuum titanium coating, etc.

Fexible Shipping: Located in the port city in China, our company can provide fexible shipping methods including: international express, air shipping, sea shipping and even train transportation. Besides, for urgent order, we can arrange small quantity by air, and balance quantity by sea.

In a word, we are committed to customer service over the life of a project. From part inception to obsolescence, we keep you informed about the status of your project along the way.

CFS Foundry takes pride in their long-standing tradition of lean process, coupled with excellent customer service to execute our customers specific needs. The result is an unprecedented full-service stainless steel casting company that involves much more than just casting parts.

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