Stainless Steel Foundry

How A Stainless Steel Foundry Works

The foundation of any stainless steel casting company is its stainless steel foundry, which is where the stainless steel casting process takes place. This refers to the process of “investing” a pattern with refractory materials, molding from among many different types of metals to create shape castings.

How A Stainless Steel Foundry Works

For each stainless steel part made by a stainless steel casting company, there is a general process that is followed to ensure quality, cost-effectiveness, and consistency. This process should be watched over by an experienced staff to ensure that all processes are strictly followed. First, the pattern is produced and a mold (also known as the metal die or master die) is created. This is an intricate process, as it involved the consideration of expected shrinkage of the wax pattern, the ceramic material, and the stainless steel casting itself.

After the mold has been created comes the wax pattern production and assembly. As each cast requires its own wax pattern, the number of wax patterns produces depends on the number of stainless steel castings that will be required. During this process, hot wax is injected into the mold and solidifies, eventually creating an exact replica of that part that will be made.

Once the mold is created, it goes through a heating process to increase the strength of the mold and eliminate any leftover wax. Then, molten metal is poured into the mold while it is still hot, with the liquid metal flowing through into each mold cavity. After a cooling process comes the shakeout, or divesting process, where the casting gets removed from the molding pattern. Finally, the finishing of the cast involves grinding or sandblasting the cast to smooth it out and remove any imperfections.

At CFS, our stainless steel foundry is located in Ningbo, which is one of the largest port cities in China. Our location enables us to deliver products to countries all over the world with any shipping method you like.

Our staff at the foundry has a lot of experience, education, and is bi-lingual, allowing for a close overseeing of the stainless steel investment casting process from start to finish. The strict quality control process in CFS can ensure good quality and timely delivery.

To learn more about our stainless steel foundry or need any help for your project, contact us today, we are happy to share more information with you on our stainless steel casting capabilities.

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