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How does CFS Compare to Other Stainless Steel Casting Companies?

When looking for the best stainless steel casting company, few customers search for the lowest costs, but want quality parts, on time and easy communication with manufacturers. We spoke with design engineers from a number of industries to find out what they look for when evaluating the best stainless steel casting company and find out some of the reasons why they chose to partner with CFS.

CFS Stainless Steel Casting CompanyStainless Steel Casting Engineering Expertise

Working with an experienced stainless steel casting company is important for a successful project. A knowledgeable and experienced stainless steel casting engineer can help redesign for manufacturing when the original design is not so ideal for actual production. From material selection to choosing the optimal process and eliminating secondary operations, CFS’ engineers work with each customer during the design process to make sure the part design will succeed in mass production. If you want to get the most of your stainless steel cast design, it is best to involve our engineers early on during your design phase.

High-Quality Investment Cast Tooling

One of the major differentiators that distinguish CFS from other stainless steel casting companies is the quality of our tooling. All of our moulds are made using a specific aviation aluminum with an additional heat treatment that can longer the serving life of the mold. No matter how many times you place the order, the tooling cost is charged only once, will not be charged again for further orders.

CFS has in-house toolmakers at our plant—many have been with CFS for over 10 years. Our customers appreciate that we are taking the right steps to invest in the future with our apprenticeship program—we have trained over 20 toolmakers! Every year, three apprentices are accepted into the intensive training program that covers a variety of specialist skills from EDM and CNC milling to full production process workflow. Our tooling expertise is not limited to one industry. CFS toolmakers have worked with thousands of customers from nearly every industry and can modify solutions if any issues arise during the production process.

Good Communication & Service

Our customers need to have the ability to collaborate with different manufacturers. CFS knows the difficulty of communicating with different time zones and different languages. Our sales manager are all working in CFS for more than years, they well know the stainless steel casting manufacturing process, and also can speak fluent English with our customers. So while we are one of the largest stainless steel investment casting companies in China, with resources and partnerships to benefit every project, we understand your language, your culture, and your business practices.

One Stop Shop for Finished Products

When selecting CFS as the supplier, you will not need to source additional post processing, we can provide post machining, heat treatment, surface finishes to deliver finished products. Our comprehensive capabilities can help to save cost and shorten lead time, also the quantity is guaranteed.

Contact us for Your Stainless Steel Casting Project

CFS works with customers all over the world to bring customers high quality stainless steel investment castings. If you are looking for a partnership to work together for your stainless steel casting project, let us help you move your business forward, contact our team today to get the conversation started.

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