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How to Source A Good Stainless Steel Casting Manufacturer?

Almost everyone has heard of stainless steel and has stainless steel parts used for industrial application or throughout their daily life, but few people know how these stainless steel parts with different shapes are formed and the advantages of choosing it over other types of materials. There are many unique benefits associated with using stainless steel casting parts in a wide variety of projects and applications. Unfortunately, many contractors and designers will overlook these advantages due to the higher cost of stainless steel casting compared to any other metal casting. However, if you are looking for a casting material that will increase the working life of your project, stainless steel will ultimately be the best value in the long run.

Stainless Steel Casting Manufacturer

To have an idea, stainless steel casting is the metal forming process to creat custom stainless steel parts with any shape you want, even if it is very complex. In stainless steel investment casting, a wax cluster is covered in a ceramic slurry. Once hardened, the wax is melted out of the ceramic shell. The shell is then heated to 1,800 degrees Fahrenheit and molten stainless steel is poured in. After cooling, the ceramic is then vibrated and blasted off the stainless steel products. The products are then cut, cleaned and prepared for shipping. In CFS Stainless Steel Foundry, the casting method used for stainless steel casting is investment casting, which can produce precision stainless steel castings within a general tolerance ISO 8062 CT5-CT6, and a good surface finish around Ra6.3.

Generally, after a new product is designed, a lot of companies would be ready to develop their products by stainless steel casting from a trial sample production, to see how the market will respond before making a decision on massive production. At this point, it will be of great importance to select a proper stainless steel casting manufacturer. To be able to work with the stainless steel casting manufacturer closely, it is critical to get the CAD drawing and 3D file ready, as once the mold is made, if you want to modify the design, the mold is probably to be remade and new mold cost will be charged, which is not cost effective.

Finding and working with a stainless steel casting manufacturer that’s right for your needs is crucial. First, decide if you want to produce your stainless steel casting products domestically or overseas, as each will have their own pros and cons. If you have enough budget for your stainless steel casting prpject, then it may be more convenient to source a supplier locally, as producing domestically or even locally will allow you to visit the stainless steel casting manufacturer directly and check in more regularly. However, if lower price points are a priority for you, working with stainless steel casting producer in China like CFS is the ideal way to go, but you need to make sure the manufacturer can supply exporting business, as few stainless steel foundries can support this job.

Once deciding soucing stainless steel casting in China, the simplest way to touch a supplier is google search. By entering keywords “Stainless Steel Casting” in google, you can find a list of pages on stainless steel casting company. After reviewing the official websites of some stainless steel casting manufacturers, try to contact 2~3 companies by email, and offer enough information (such as CAD drawing, stainless steel grade, surface finish, quantity, etc) for quoting purpose.

After doing your research on which manufacturers may be best for you, start narrowing down your list by comparing prices, timelines, and production processes. Some key questions to include might be: What is the minimum order quantity? What is your sample pricing? What is your turnaround time? And what are the available payment methods? Actually, the quoting process can help you to understand the manufacturer in further step, which will give you an idea which is the best supplier for your project.

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