Machining Service

When creating a stainless steel part with complex shape, stainless steel investment casting is always selected as the most ideal forming process. But it does not mean you can get finished part all the time with stainless steel casting only. In this case, value added machining service can help to achieve finished components by removing excess material from stainless steel casting blanks.

To deliver finished products, CFS can supply machining service after stainless steel casting. When you are tired of sending stainless steel casting blanks out for secondary machining operation, CFS foundry is your one-stop-shop for machined stainless steel castings.

Available Machining Operations in CFS Are:

Turning : A cutting tool with a single cutting edge is used to remove material from a rotating cast stainless steel part to generate a cylindrical shape. The primary motion is provided by rotating the product, and the feed motion is achieved by moving the cutting tool slowly in a direction parallel to the axis of rotation of the cast stainless steel part.

Drilling: Is used to create a round hole. It is accomplished by a rotating tool that typically has two or four helical cutting edges. The tool is fed in a direction parallel to its axis of rotation into the investment castings to form the round hole.

Boring: A tool with a single bent pointed tip is advanced into a roughly made hole in a spinning stainless steel casting part to slightly enlarge the hole and improve its accuracy. It is a fine finishing operation used in the final stages of product manufacture.

Reaming: One of the sizing operations that removes a small amount of material from a hole already drilled.

Milling: A rotating tool with multiple cutting edges is moved slowly relative to the material to generate a plane or straight surface. The direction of the feed motion is perpendicular to the tool’s axis of rotation. The speed motion is provided by the rotating milling cutter.

There are also other conventional machining operations. For high requirement on tolerances or surface finish, stainless steel castings could only be machined by CNC, whose cost is high.

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