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Mirror Polishing for Stainless Steel Castings

Mirror Polishing is the most preferred surface finishing method to smooth the surface of stainless steel castings. Just as its name implies, the surface of mirror polished cast stainless steel parts can be as bright as a mirror. Therefore, this kind of surface treatment way is really welcomed by our customers.

How to Mirror Polish Stainless Steel Castings?

Preparing Stainless Steel Castings

Any surface finishing on stainless steel castings is based on the preparing of stainless steel casting blanks.

To start, mold of stainless steel casting is first designed and manufactured according to the 3d file, whose cavity has the same dimensions with desired casting blanks. Once the mold is ready, it is injected with wax until it fully filled the cavity of the mold, after a few seconds, the wax is solidified and takes out from the mold. In this step, a complex wax pattern is formed. Next, creat a shell outside the wax pattern, melt the wax, and pour stainless steel liquid into the shell. After solidification under room temperature, a solid stainless steel casting blank is formed. Finally, cut the single part from the sprue gate, and remove excess material by shot blasting. For details, pls check the stainless steel casting process.

Mirror Polishing on Stainless Steel Castings

Mirror Polishing is actually a mechanical polishing process that can achieve a highly reflective, smooth finish with a scratch free appearance. There are several steps involved in the mirror polishing process for stainless steel castings.

Step 1. Rough Polishing
Rough Polishing is the polishing process by sand wheel to remove excess material, such as rough surfaces and irregular shapes of stainless steel castings.

Step 2. Semi-fine Polishing
Semi-fine polishing is operated by hemp wheel that can make the surface of stainless steel castings smoother and a bit bright, but still exsit some brushed effect.

Step 3. Fine Polishing
Fine polishing is the final polishing process by cloth wheel which will help stainless steel castings to achieve the brigtest surface finish. After fine polishing, the surface looks like a mirror, and is really attractive.

Mirror Polishing is often chosen for stainless steel castings like cast stainless steel glass fittings, cast stainless steel luxury goods, cast stainless steel meat grinder parts, cast stainless steel stirrups, etc. The benefit to a mirror finish, is not just that it looks great, but that it is highly corrosion resistant. This is due to the polishing procedure which removes deep scratches which can harbor corrosive particles. This is where mirror polished stainless steel castings are re particularly useful in architectural and marine applications.

Examples of Mirror Polished Stainless Steel Castings

Feedback on Mirror Polished Stainless Steel Castings from CFS Foundry

Mirror Polishing of Stainless Steel Castings

“The overall execution is quite nice and is the same as what I ever imaged as an item ready to be sold. Appreciate the efforts from all your staff for my products. I do understand how difficult it is to polish stainless steel, as I’ve done polishing myself in the past. With as an object that will be sold in our local market, the surface finish is really satisfied and beautiful.

I also cooperated with other stainless steel casting companies for some of my stainless steel products that require mirror polishing, but there are always some dents and marks here and there on the surface, which I believe can be avoided by an even more careful polishing of the object.

At this moment, i have another product inquiry on stainless steel casting and mirror polishing. I have enclosed some pictures and a detailed drawing of the new cast stainless steel part, and would like to get your quotation to continue our cooperation with CFS stainless steel foundry.”




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