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Stainless Steel Cast Golf Putter Head

A putter is a golf club type that a golfer will normally use to finally hit the ball into the cup on every hole. Normally, a golf putter is made up of shaft, grip and head. Among which, the golf putter head is usually investment cast in stainless steel. Stainless steel casting can make golf putter heads in different shapes and sizes.

Stainless Steel Cast Golf Putter Head

The design of putter head can be blade type, half-mallet type and mallet type. The more traditional putter clubhead design is that of the blade putter, otherwise known as the anser putter which was made very popular by the club manufacturer Ping. Nowadays however there exists a panoply of putters whose head type fit into the mallet category. And then there are those that fit somewhere in between the two.

Blade-type putters are usually lighter whereas mallet-type putters are much heavier, thanks to their more complex and material-heavy designs. Heavier putters should produce longer rolls compared to lighter putters while using the same force.

Stainless Steel Casting Process

Stainless steel casting process involves pouring molten metal into preformed cast or molds. All cast golf putter heads are made from stainless steel. Stainless steel combines iron with nickel and chromium and other trace materials. Most good quality putter heads are made from either 304 or 17-4 ph grade stainless steel. Cast golf putter heads made from 17-4 steel are a little harder than heads made from 304. If you want to have the lie and lofts adjusted it will be a little more difficult with 17-4 steel.

The stainless steel investment casting process produces golf putter heads that can be formed into very intricate shapes which allows for variations in weight distribution in the head, also known as perimeter weighting. Before an stainless steel putter head is put into production, it is designed on a computer using sophisticated CAD software. The computer design is used as the basis for the development of a mold. Once a mold has been produced it is used in the production of each and every club head.

The mold is inserted into a wax injection molding machine and boiling hot wax is squirted into the mold. The outcome is a putter head that is made of wax. A wax mold is made for every piece that is manufactured. For example a set of 9 putter heads will require 9 wax molds, each representing a different loft. After wax molds are prepared, move forward to the following steps including shell building, melting & pouring, etc, which are the same process with other cast stainless steel parts. After casting, mirror polish the golf putter head to achieve smooth and shinning surface finish.

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