Stainless Steel Casting

Stainless Steel Casting and Machining of Beer Faucet Body

A beer faucet, also called a beer tap, is the last component your beer touches before it hits your glass. Like all faucets, it’s meant to direct the flow of your brew and help ensure that perfect pour we all strive for.

There are a variety of types and materials of beer faucets, including standard faucets, european faucets and stout (nitrogen) faucets. Among which, standard faucets are the most common type of beer faucet. With this type of faucet, you actuate beer dispensing by pulling on a tap handle. That movement activates a lever that pushes open an internal valve, allowing beer to flow through the faucet body to a waiting glass.

Beer Faucet Body & Its Manufacturing Process

A complete beer faucet is made up of a slew of smaller parts, and beer faucet body is the most important and tlargest single component of a beer faucet, it directs the flow of beer through the spout to your waiting glass. Faucets come in different finishes. We recommend stainless steel to ensure off, metallic flavors don’t taint your beer. Normally, the beer faucet body is made from stainless steel investment casting, then machined to drawing’s specifications. We can supply finished beer faucet bodies with a full solution. Our service include:

Stainless Steel Casting and Machining of Beer Faucet Body

Stainless Steel Investment Casting

In CFS Foundry, our stainless steel casting process is actually a lost wax investment casting method that can fulfill the demands of different shape & sizes beer faucet bodies. The main casting process include: make wax patterns using a metal injection die, assemble wax pattens to create a gate and runner metal delivery to create the casting. Once the tree assembly is formed, it gets dipped in a ceramic slurry then covered with sand stucco and given time to dry, then put inside a steam autoclave to melt away the wax, finally filling molten stainless steel, creating the desired beer faucet body.

There are several advantages of using stainless steel casting to get the beer faucet body you designed. One such advantage is the ability to make more intricate forms—even forms with undercuts. Also, the stainless steel casting process leaves a very smooth surface of beer faucet body, which is created without a parting line—something that would be unavoidable in other processes.

The accuracy of stainless steel investment casting is second to none. Even beer faucet body with the higher precision can be casted with little machining.

CNC Machining

After stainless steel casting, additional cnc machining is required to remove the excess material, thus to reach the drawing’s specification. The finished machined cast stainless steel beer faucet body can achieve a good fitment with other beer faucet componets. CFS’ in house machining ability enable us to supply finished machined parts.

Mirror Polishing

The surface of beer faucet body after casting is smooth, but not shining. To achieve better surface finish, the beer faucet body will be further mirror polished for a mirror finish. CFS Foundry can provide mirror polishing service for our client.

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