Stainless Steel Casting

Stainless Steel Casting for Automotive Industry

Automotive is one of the common applications that stainless steel casting served. Since vehicles require complex shapes and sizes for different parts of the vehicle, it is almost mandatory to use stainless steel investment casting. Due to the precise accuracy of this process, the need for further machining is practically non-existent. This alone saves an exuberant amount of time and money for the manufacturing of automotive parts. Stainless steel casting provides corrosion resistance, strength, flexibility, and smooth surface finish that you cannot match with other materials.

Stainless Steel Casting for Automotive

CFS Foundry is the leading supplier of precision stainless steel casting components to the automotive industry with capabilities ranging from 0.05kg-60kgs. Supplying customers globally, we are accustomed to working to the just-in-time supply requirements of the automotive OEMs manufacturers. Manufacturing billions of components each year, CFS consistently meets the industry’s most stringent quality standards and tolerances.

The major automotive stainless steel components are manufactured by CFS. Our advanced stainless steel investment casting process, combined with machining are highly suited to manufacture complex automotive components at high volumes.

CFS’ experience is unrivaled in the design, development, and manufacture of stainless steel casting solutions for a wide range of automotive applications, including but not limited to:

  • Exhaust system (Exhaust Manifold)
  • Transmission Components
  • Vehicle Interior Components
  • Air-Conditioning Systems
  • Engine Parts
  • Brake Systems and Hardware
  • Power Steering Systems
  • And More…

Stainless Steel Casting Benefits for the Automotive Industry

Stainless Steel Casting for Automotive Industry

CFS has over 30 years of experience supplying automotive manufacturers stainless steel casting components. When you work with CFS, you can receive the following benefits from our stainless steel casting process:

  • More design freedom and flexibility to create complex parts
  • A wide selection of cast stainless steel grades to improve the working performance
  • By stainless steel casting, good corrosion resistance and rust resistance properties can be achieved to longer the serving life of automotive parts
  • Our investment casting method can creat automotive stainless steel parts with net shape or near net shape, which can effectively save machining cost
  • A wide variety of surface finishes are available from shot blasting to mirror polishing finish.

CFS produces and exports stainless steel cast automotive parts with OEM services globally, manufacturing precision stainless steel components utilizing most advanced investment casting technology. Our one-stop solution supports our customers from design, tooling, and pre-production stages, as well as full-scale manufacturing. Any inquiry on stainless steel casting for automotive applications, pls feel free to contact us!

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