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Stainless Steel Casting of Hawse Pipe

A hawse pipe is the boat hardware passing through the bow section of a boat or ship that the anchor chain passes through. Most hawse pipes are fitted through the deck and the shell. Neither hole will be a true ellipse if the deck is cambered/sheered and the pipe is to be fitted is at the fore end of the vessel.

Cast Stainless Steel Hawse Pipe

The shapes of hawse pipes could be rectangle, oval or triangular. Such a hawse pipe is investment cast in 316 marine grade stainless steel for good strength and durability. Hawse pipe easily installed using fasteners #10 Flathead (fasteners not included). Stainless steel investment cast hawse pipe will be a attractive addition to the deck and hull of any boat.

Production Process: Stainless Steel Casting

In stainless steel casting, a specific and general wax pattern of the preferred finished part is produced and mounted onto a wax tree. This first process involves the use of the metal delivery system. The wax tree is interchangeably plunged into a ceramic substance and topped with a stucco material. After this, it is left to dry out, and the process is repeated until a thick shell is achieved.

Once the shell is achieved, it is then melted out, creating a cavity in the form of the preferred pattern. The molten metal is then poured in such an area until it is filled. After the molten metal solidifies, the thick shell is fragmented, and the gating material is detached. The remaining parts are the finished product.

Stainless Steel Casting of Hawse PipeStainless steel investment casting is one of the first and most common types of marine hardwares, including hawse pipes. 316 cast stainless steel hawse pipe is extremely accurate and net shape. Since hawse pipes are created by using the same wax pattern, this accuracy can be maintained from casting to casting. Additionally, marine grade cast stainless steel can help to achieve maximum corrosion resistance and durability, which is suitable for marine enviroment.

Surface Finish: Mirror Polished

Like other stainless steel casting marine boat parts, the surface finish of hawse pipe is mirror polished after casting. Mirror polishing is a mechanical polishing process (rough grinding, fine grinding) on the surface of cast stainless steel hawse pipe to achieve a smooth, shiny mirror-like surface.

CFS Foundry offers stainless steel casting and mirror polishing for all your stainless steel marine needs. Our cast stainless stainless marine parts and deck hardware are corrosion resistant and rust proof. Besides hawse pipe, we can also provide stainless steel investment castings for other boat hardware including cleats, chocks, steering products, rod holders, hatches, deck pipes, etc. Any inquiry on stainless steel casting of hawse pipe or other products, pls feel free to contact us!

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