Stainless Steel Casting

Stainless Steel Casting of Marine Boat Deck Hinge

The heavy duty deck hinge is a high quality stainless steel boat fitting used in the marine industry. It features smooth, adjustable motion for biminis and dodgers.

There are several types of deck hinges designed, including 80 Degree Drilled Deck Hinge, 80 Degree Screwed Deck Hinge, 90 Degree Deck Hinge, Concave Deck Hinge and Side Deck Hinge. All these shapes of deck hings are made from cast 316 stainless steel for maximum corrosion resistance and durability. It is ideal for sailboat and powerboat biminis and dodgers.

Stainless Steel Casting of Marine Boat Deck Hinge

Cast Stainless Steel Deck Hinge

Production Process: Stainless Steel Casting

Stainless steel casting is suitable to produce complex components requiring high resistance to corrosion and wear. Marine industry is one of the common markets for stainless steel castings.

The stainless steel casting technique in CFS Foundry is the lost wax investment casting process. In stainless steel investment casting, a wax pattern is coated by dipping into the refractory material slurry. Once the refractory material coating is hardened then this dipping process is repeated several times to increase the coating thickness and its strength. Once the final coating is hardened the wax is melted out and molten stainless steel is poured into the cavity created by the wax pattern. Once the stainless steel solidifies within the mould, stainless steel casting is removed by breaking the refractory mould.

Stainless steel investment casting is capable of making high accuracy and intricately detailed marine boat deck hinges compared to similar manufacturing processes such as sand casting.

Surface Finish: Mirror polished

Like other cast stainless steel marine boat parts, the surface finish of deck hinge is mirror polished after casting. Mirror polishing is a mechanical polishing process that can achieve a mirror finish appearance on cast stainless steel parts. All surface defects are removed. CFS Foundry employs highly trained polishers ready to take your cast stainless steel marine boat parts, and make them reflect all the beauty around them.

CFS Foundry offers stainless steel casting and mirror polishing for all your stainless steel marine needs. Our cast stainless stainless marine parts and deck hardwares are corrosion resistant and rust proof. Besides deck hinge, we can also provide stainless steel investment castings for other boat hardware including cleats, chocks, steering products, rod holders, hatches, deck pipes, etc. Any inquiry on stainless steel casting of marine boat deck hinge or other products, pls feel free to contact us!

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