CFS Stainless Steel Foundry

Stainless steel offers many advantages for industrial uses, which make it ideal material for casting. The major advantages include its high corrosion resistance allowing it to be used in rigorous environments. It is resistance to fire and heat allowing it to resist scaling and retain strength at high temperatures, so it has good strength even under high temperature.

Besides, the surface of stainless steel is bright and easily maintained, and is a good choice for applications which require an attractive surface at all times. Its strength to weight advantage that allows it to be used with a reduced material thickness over conventional grades, often times generating cost savings. All these advantages attract people to use stainless steel material to cast their products. With stainless steel casting, people can enjoy good surface finish, no sizes limitation, less material waste, affordable cost, etc. So, stainless steel castings are widely applied in food machinery, architecture, sporting, marine, and so on. Currently, stainless steel casting process has been rather mature in China. Due to its lower material cost and labor cost, more and more overseas companies turn to China to purchase stainless steel castings.

CFS Stainless Steel Foundry is the professional stainless steel investment casting manufacturer and exporter. With more than 20 years’ experience, CFS has become one of the largest stainless steel foundries in China by the hard working of all staff. By now, our foundry covers 20,000 square meters with 250 workers. All stainless steel castings are produced mainly from our customer’s drawing or sample. At present, we produce and export high quality investment castings at competitive prices for global companies from America, UK, Canada and Australia, etc.

What We Do?

Stainless Steel Foundry

Stainless Steel Investment Casting
All stainless steel parts are produced in CFS by investment casting process. Investment casting, also called lost wax casting, is the most precision casting method in China. Stainless steel investment casting can creat stainless steel components with minimum thickness 3mm. The process involves creating a wax pattern which is essentially a replica of the desired part in stainless steel. The pattern is encased in a ceramic material and then removed or “lost” through the introduction of heat. The mold will then have molten stainless steel poured into the opening. Once the mold is broken away from the solid steel, the casting is available for use.

Currently, CFS Foundry can produce stainless steel investment castings within 0.05kg-70kgs. With advanced production equipments and strick quality control procedure, all the stainless steel castings made from our foundry are qualified, and we promise not to deliver unqualified products to any customer. Common stainless steel casting grades are: 304(L), 316(L), 17-4 ph, 2205, 2207, etc.

Heat Treatment
Solution treatment is the typical heat treatment used after stainless steel casting. The purpose of solution treatment is to eliminate the inner stress, reduce hardness, thus to easier further machining. Besides, it can also help to improve the mechanical properties. So, heat treatment is required especially for those stainless steel castings with post machining. With in house heat treatment furnace, we can provide heat treatment service for our customers.

Machining is the common post processing after stainless steel casting. This process is mainly used to achieve closer tolerances and better surface finish by removing excess material. The typical machining equiments include: drilling machine, boring machine, milling machine, CNC, etc. As the hardness of stainless steel is relatively high, it is not an easy job to machine stainless steel castings, so the machining cost is not cheap. But CFS Stainless Steel Foundry has an individual machining workshop and skilled workers, with machining in house, we can provide our customers finished machined stainless steel castings with shorter lead time while less machining cost.

Surface Finish
Available surface finish treatment after stainless steel casting in our stainless steel foundry include: electropolishing, mirror polishing, vibratory polishing, powder coating, etc. The surface finish is selected mainly following the usage of products. CFS has rich experience on various surface finish methods, and we can also recommend the right surface finish to our customer when they are not familar with them.

Why CFS Foundry?

  • Automatic Wax Injecting Process: Most stainless steel casting companies in China inject wax models by manual, this makes the wax model forming speed slowly, thus to delay the lead time of stainless steel castings. In CFS Foundry, we adopt automatic tooling to make wax model. There are several benefits of automatic tooling over manual tooling: a) Better tolerance control. b) Can prevent damage of wax models caused by manual. Because the whole wax model making process by manual is very easy to cause damage. c) Higher production efficiency. With 4 cavities, the automatic wax injection machine will just cost 25 seconds to finish 4pcs of wax models, while the manual operation will take at least 1 minute.
  • Competitive Prices & Short Lead Time :  As the top leading stainless steel foundry in China, all the production equipments used in our stainless steel investment casting process are imported and checked regularly. In addition, we continuously learn foreign advanced production experience to improve our strength and production capacity. Currently, the annual capacity of stainless steel castings in our foundry has reach 10,000ton at least. So, our customers can enjoy superior quality, shorter lead time, but lower price compared to purchasing stainless steel castings from their Local markets.
  • One Stop Shop: CFS is not only limited to offer stainless steel investment casting, we can also provide other value added services including: heat treatment, post machining, surface finish to supply finished products to our customers. Moreover, we can also provide redesign service for our customers if the original design is not suitable for stainless steel casting production.
  • District Quality Control: It is vital to control the quality of stainless steel castings during the whole manufacturing process. CFS foundry follows three times’ inspection strictly before delivery: initial inspection, routing inspection and final inspection. And the related testing reports will be submitted to our customers.
  • Convenient Transportation: Located in the second largest port city in China, CFS Foundry can transport products either by international express, by sea or by air. Especially for large volume, it can help to save much shipping cost and time for our customers. Besides for Eourpean customers, we can also transport goods by train, whose shipping cost is much lower than air transportation, but quick than sea shipping.

In short, CFS Stainless Steel Foundry is the most reliable one-stop source for stainless steel castings in China. If you have an inquiry on stainless steel casting project, pls feel free to contact us!