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Vibratory Polishing Finish of Stainless Steel Castings

Vibratory polishing is one of the common surface finishing ways of stainless steel castings in CFS Foundry, it can be used to deburr, clean, and brighten investment cast stainless steel parts in large quantities.

In vibratory polishing, specially shaped pellets of media and the stainless steel castings are placed into the tub of a vibratory tumbler. The machine then vibrates the stainless steel castings, water and abrasive media to achieve the desired finish.

Benefits of Vibratory Polishing for Stainless Steel Castings

When considering a proper surface finishing process for stainless steel casting item, vibratory finishing will provide a number of valuable benefits. The process offers an extremely cost-effective means for deburring, polishing, descaling, cleaning finishing solution, while requiring a minimal amount of labor. It also results in an extremely smooth surface finish without causing extensive wear, which increases the durability of stainless steel castings. What’s more, the process is highly controllable, making it easier to achieve a uniform finishing result.

Vibratory finishing is also an extremely flexible process that offers numerous design possibilities. With the appropriate use of vibratory polishing machines, it is relatively easy to create smoother surface finish better than shot blasting for different stainless steel castings.

Vibratory Polishing vs. Mirror Polishing

Vibratory polishing and mirror polishing are the two kinds of different surface finishing requirements for stainless steel castings. Vibratory polishing can polish thousands of stainless steel castings at a time, while mirror polishing can only polishing stainless steel castings one by one.

Vibratory polishing is actually a machine operation, while mirror polishing is actually an manual operation, so vibratory polishing can control the dimensions of stainless steel castings better.

Also the cost of vibratotory polishing is much lower than mirror polishing. However, the brightness and roughness of vibration polishing are not comparable to mirror polishing.

CFS Foundry can provide fexible surface finishing ways to meet different demands. If you have a stainless steel investment casting project with vibratory polishing finish requirement, pls feel free to contact our stainless steel foundry!

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