Stainless Steel Casting

Where Are Stainless Steel Castings Used?

The process of stainless steel casting: According to the drawing of the designed stainless steel part, the mold is first prepared whose cavity is the same as that of the desired part. Next, the pattern, which is actually a copy of the cast stainless steel product, is made of wax and a wax gating system is independently organized for the investment casting process. The prepared wax pattern assembly is then coated and hardened to form a ceramic shell, pouring melted stainless steel into the shell for solidification, then remove the shell and sprue gate to achieve stainless steel castings. Finally, shot blasting or select other surface finishes following the requirement of the customer.

Advantages of stainless steel investment casting include:

  • Perfect anti-rust and anti-corrosion characteristics
  • Very close tolerances and good surface finish can be obtained.
  • Complex shapes are availble, which are complicated by forging.
  • Suitable for producing complex shapes for different applications
  • No flash or parting lines available
  • Almost all the stainless steel alloys can be investment cast
  • Ready for use with little or no machining required.
  • Can accept small production runs.

Stainless Steel Casting Applications

Stainless Steel Casting Applications 01

Stainless Steel Casting Applications 02

With the continuously improvement of stainless steel casting process, the demand of stainless steel investment castings has been increasing in popularity over the more recent years and has found numerous applications in practically all the industrial fields including food machinery, automotive industry, construction industry, water industry, medical industry, petrochemical industry and many other industries where it is being used extensively to improve people’s lives. However, closer look at the most common applications of stainless steel casting will reveal that, at present, it is most widely applied within the automotive industry. In fact the automotive industry is definitely the fastest growing industry when it comes to the application of stainless steel casting worldwide.

Due to the advance of stainless steel investment casting, there are almost no defected occured, and less or no machining is required, all these advantages make stainless steel casting ideal for industrial applications. As the professional stainless steel foundry, we are quite familar with the usage of stainless steel castings, and would like to summarize the main applications in below:

Automotive Industry
For the growing demand of cars, stainless steel casting provides one of the fastest and cost effective solutions to automotive industry. Automotive companies perfer to choose stainless steel casting process to produce some of the automotive components, the most typical component is cast stainless steel exhaust manifold. With an increasing consumption of automotive spare parts, there is a clear and pressing need to find ways such as stainless steel investment casting to produce more much faster in order to accommodate the ever growing need. It is therefore no wonder that the automotive industry continues to top the list when it comes to the applications of stainless steel casting.

Water Industry
When talking about water industry, it is a big concern to try and protect water from pollution during storage and during transportation. So far, stainless steel is regarded as the best material for this purpose, while other material, such as carbon steel or ally steel, is easy to get rusted. Today stainless steel casting is definitely the most widely used metal forming process when it comes to water preparation, transportation, and storage as well as all the other processes that lie in between, including desalination, recycling and purification of the water.

Construction Industry
Several years ago, the construction industry was the largest consumer of stainless steel castings. Although it may have been overtaken in that role by the automotive industry, it still continues to use stainless steel castings quite extensively especially when it comes to high rise buildings. The stainless steel castings are used for all manner of things including windows & doors hardwares, glass spider fittings, glass spigots, rod anchors, etc.

Food Processing Industry
Stainless steel castings are widely used in food and beverage manufacturing and processing industries for manufacture, bulk storage and transportation, preparation and presentation applications. The features such as easy to clean, durable, chemical-resistant, machinability and other properties all make stainless steel castings a great option for food processing. Investment casting of stainless steel components for food processing industry can also help to save cost when compared with other metal forming processes. Typical stainless steel castings for food industry are: metal grinder parts, feed auger, beer valve body, etc.

Medical Industry
Stainless steel casting is not only used in construction manufacturing. It is also well-suited for the medical industry. The medical industry has a high requirement for sanitization and cleanliness. that’s the reason you will find stainless steel casting parts in the hospital environment. When it comes to the medical industry, equipment having rust is dangerous to the patients and a small infection can create very serious medical problems. Besides, the shapes of the parts for medical instrument are always complex. All these make stainless steel casting a good solution.

CFS Foundry – Ideal Stainless Steel Casting Supplier in China

CFS Foundry, the best stainless steel casting manufacturer in China, has rich experience on stainless steel investment casting for the use of different applications.

The skilled engineers at CFS can work with our customer in the design of the part, selection of stainless steel alloys, mold making, sampling and manufacturing process. Available cast stainless steel alloys in our foundry include: CF8 (304), CF3 (304L), CF8M (316), CF3M (316L), 17-4 ph, duplex grade 2205 or 2207, and so on.

To provide the better quality, our company can perform chemical analysis, mechanical strength tests, hardness testing, NDT X-Ray and pressure testing. The related testing reports are often provided to customers.

Want to purchase stainless steel casting in China? Pls feel free to contact us!

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