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Why 2205 Stainless Steel Casting for Higher Corrosion Resistance and Strength?

2205 is the most widely used duplex stainless steel casting grade, which combines many of the beneficial properties of both ferritic and austenitic steel. Its high chromium and molybdenum content gives the stainless steel castings excellent corrosion resistance. The microstructure provides resistance to stress corrosion cracking and ensures high strength.

2205 Stainless Steel Casting for Higher Corrosion Resistance and Strength

But, this type of casting grade is generally not suitable for use at temperatures above 300℃ or below -50℃ because of reduced toughness outside this range. We suggest to encounter 2205 stainless steel castings being used in industrial environments such as petrochemical, chemical, oil, gas and paper plants.

Grade 2205 duplex stainless steel casting has a micro structure of roughly equal amounts of ferrite and austenite, hence the ‘duplex’ description. The duplex structure of 2205 stainless steel castings have the following properties:

  • High strength.
  • Lower thermal expansion co-effecient than austenitic steels but greater than carbon steels.
  • High resistance to corrosion, particularly stress corrosion cracking, corrosion fatigue and erosion.

The high content of chromium and molybdenum and the addition of nitrogen gives the steel further beneficial characteristics:

  • High general corrosion resistance.
  • High pitting and crevice corrosion resistance.
  • Good sulphide stress corrosion cracking resistance.

Although 2205 duplex stainless steel shows superior advantages over other cast stainless steel grades, few stainless steel foundries can cast this type of grade. Most stainless steel casting companies in China can only supply stainless steel investment casting service for 304(L) and 316(L) stainless steels. But in CFS Foundry, we can supply almost all types of stainless steel grades unless the design is not suitable for casting process.

Besides stainless steel casting, additional services including heat treatment, surface finish, machining and assembly are all available in our company. If you have any RFQ’s on stainless steel casting project, pls do not hesistate to contact us!

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