Stainless Steel Casting

Why Choose Cast Stainless Steel Cookware?

What is Cast Stainless Steel?

Cast stainless steel refers to the casting process of stainless steel alloys. Stainless steel casting can creat various types of complex stainless steel cookware parts.

The stainless steel casting process begins with injecting wax into high precision dies. The wax patterns that are produced through either method are then assembled onto a sprue along with a ceramic pour cup.

These wax setups are then surrounded with a silica slurry mixture and refractory zircon sand. This is generally the longest stage in stainless steel casting process since the shell must dry completely before applying additional coats. Once the shell has properly dried, the wax patterns inside are burned out through a strong heated pressure chamber called an autoclave. Once all wax is removed, pour stainless steel into the shell.

After cooling of stainless steel, they head to finishing where the ceramic shell is taken off the cookware parts. The parts are then cut off the sprue, sent to blast, grind, and mirror polished to achieve shinning and smooth surface.

Cast Stainless Steel Advantage

Why Choose Cast Stainless Steel Cookware

While there are many methods to process cookware parts, cast stainless steel is unique because it allows you to obtain highly complex shapes. Moreover, it is the top choice for applications that require exceptional resistance to corrosion. Stainless steel’s corrosion resistance is due to its high level of chromium, at least 10.5%.

Here are the reasons to love cast stainless steel cookware. Cast stainless steel cookware:

1. Won’t rust

2. Easy clean

3. Can be used in a long time and not wear

4. Can be washed in the dishwasher and soaked in the sink

5. Is superior to stainless steel in heat conduction

6. Resists scratching

7. Is durable

8. Is healthy for human body

9. Releases food easily

Cast Stainless Steel vs. Cast Iron

Cast Stainless Steel vs Cast Iron

Cast iron and stainless steel share a lot of similarities — they’re both durable, versatile, and add an amazing sear to your food. A cast iron pan is a classic piece of cookware, and when cared for, can last a lifetime. Although the weighty material does require significant muscle and maintenance, it may be worth it for all the delicious dishes you can make with one. Plus, with its dark, rustic charm, a cast iron pan can easily double as a beautiful serving dish.

Probably the most popular metal in the kitchen, stainless steel also offers a number of benefits. The material itself is much lighter and non-reactive, which makes the pans perfect for pretty much any kind of cooking. Stainless steel can sear, sauté, poach, caramelize, fry, and more. Plus, when all the dishes are done, cleaning a stainless steel skillet can be done in minutes.

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